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MIK annually arranges 4 sanctioned competitions, MIK Open, Mälarspelen, Textjet Sommartour and MIK Cupen. Our competitions have a reputation for being well organized and attract many talented players.

MIK Open is played during February and is aimed at juniors 18 and under. MIK Open is part of the Stockholm Junior Tour.

The measuring games plays during October and caters primarily to seniors and veterans. The Men's single- and Ladies' single Elite classes in the Mälarspelen are included in the Swedish Winter Tour.

Nextjet Summer Tour  is played at the end of May and is part of the Swedish Summer Tour. The competition is aimed at men's singles and women's singles elite.
MIK Cup is played at the end of August. The hottest competition of the summer for 10 and 12 year olds!


Of course, we also arrange internal competitions:
The club championship is played during the fall. Smaller arrangements, such as Julknorren, also occur.
The information about these competitions is managed via the notice boards in the tennis hall and on the website.
For the very youngest tennis enthusiasts, we arrange three IF So Tour competitions in the autumn and spring.
En Minitour som spelas med mjuk boll på små banor, en Miditour som spelas med midiboll på halvstor bana_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_as well as a Maxitour which is played with_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136 banabad5cf58d_full-sized_maxiball.

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