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The tennis school is the third step in MIK's junior activities. Here  conditions are given to play and develop your tennis according to ability and interest. We work with goals such as improving technique in striking and movement, understanding tactical basics and learning to master match play. 

The semester contains 15 game weeks. Each group consists of 4-6 students and a coach. Participants in the tennis school also have the opportunity for free play on a free track (cannot be pre-booked).

Term fees:

1 hour/week SEK 2,650
2 hours/week SEK 4,550


Happens viaMatchi.


Made in writing no later than June 1 before the fall semester and no later than December 1 before the spring semester to the person in charge of the tennis school. Verbal cancellations to any of the coaches are not accepted. In case of unregistered cancellation, NOK 500 will be charged.

Recommended forms of competition:

SO Tour midi and maxi, club matches and regional competitions. Competition ambitions in the tennis school differ depending on interest, ambition and skills.

Business manager:Martin Tyllman

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