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Players at this level have chosen to play tennis professionally via the pro tour or college. 

Criteria/core points for selection:



- Ability to work together

-Own contribution/effort 

-To play at least 75 matches/year (singles and doubles)

-Participate in international competitions

-Selected for federal activities region/svtf

-Competitive among Sweden's best players 


Selections are made after assessment by the coaching team where the weight of the core points will be decisive. Players can be selected during ongoing semesters with great flexibility.

Work goals for players:

- To strengthen stroke and movement technique / motor skills towards elite level

-To continue strengthening serve and return technique towards elite level 

-To have high intensity in matches/training against elite level

-Having routines around training and matches 

-Learning to maximize one's physical capacity

The club offers players:

-individually adapted amount of training per week

-morning training

- individual pass (tennis and physical fitness) 1-2 players/court

- weekend and holiday training 

- quality training at a subsidized price

-help with individual training and competition programs

- To hold ongoing development discussions

- To keep up with match coverage at selected competitions

- Possibility of extended program at subsidized cost 

-Possibility to fill in current training diary 

Expectations of players:

- To be a good role model for the club's other juniors and members

-To be representative at training/competition and wear club clothes

-Having high attendance at training. 

- To take care of your own tennis equipment

- Arriving on time for training and managing prepared warm-up programs

- To carry out the prescribed physical program and stretching after training

-To stand up for the club at events


Expectations of parents:

- To be good ambassadors for the club

-To show up at  club arrangement

-Leaving the tennis training for the children to responsible coaches

-Participate in the club's parent training and meetings

-Private training must be approved by the responsible trainer



Contact person:Sigge

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