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7-10/11 years

Junior competition group (JCG) is the first step in the club's competition school. The goal of JCG is to introduce the competitive aspect of tennis in a fun and challenging way and, based on the player's age, to strengthen the physical and technical details.


For games in this level there are these criteria:


-Learning ability/Maturity

- Ability to work together

-Spontaneous play/own training

-Interest in competitive moments

- Follow the competition's recommendations from the trainer in charge


Objectives for the player:

-Develop a functional stroke and movement technique by level

- Create routines during training and match situations

-Creating knowledge and joy for sports 

-To eventually be able to progress to MIK's competition school

-Introduce independence around training


The club offers players:

-2 sessions of tennis per week. For players who show great interest and commitment to training and other activities, more hours are offered to match the player's drive.  

-More individually oriented training also in groups

-To offer quality training at a subsidized price

-Getting Started with Competitive Play 

-To offer physical training

-Various challenges during the semester

Player Guidelines:

- To be a good role model for the club's other juniors and members

-Participating in the competitions and activities the club recommends 

-To strive for high attendance at training. 

- To take care of your own tennis equipment

-Being on time for training, warm-up, physical

-Participate in club championships and regional competitions

-To represent/prioritize the club in league matches and club matches within the framework of age and criteria.


Guidelines for parents: 

- To be good ambassadors for the club

-Participating in club events, meetings and training sessions.

-Leaving the tennis training for the children to responsible coaches.

-To help, if necessary, at club competitions or the like. 

-Participating in the club's parent training

-Support the club's guidelines regarding materials and training balls.


Next step: 

 When leaving the Junior competition group there are 2 ways to go.

- Competition group U12 (competition)

-Tennis school (training)


The following criteria govern the path selection 

-Player age and level/development curve 

- Competition interest

-Own drive

Term fees

1 hour/week SEK 2650

2 hours/week SEK 4550

3 hours/week SEK 5150

4 hours/week SEK 6050

Please note that physical training is an integral part of the activity and counts as one hour of training per week. If you practice tennis 3 hours per week and participate in physical training, the semester fee is based on 4 hours and thus costs SEK 6,050.


Contact person:Robin Ljunggren

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