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The mini tennis school is the second step in MIK's junior activities. We work out coordination and motor skills, and exercises are gradually introduced where we go through the basics of tennis. We use Play & Stay - the concept where the aim is for the children to be able to serve, play and count in an adapted way.


The activity is divided into different levels based on the age and skills of the children. The semester contains 15 game weeks with one-hour sessions. Each group consists of a maximum of 6 students and a trainer.

Semester fee:

2,350 SEK

Happens viaMatchi.


Done in writing no later than June 1 before the fall semester and no later than December 1 before the spring semester to the person in charge of operations. Verbal cancellations to any of the coaches are not accepted. In case of unregistered cancellation, NOK 500 will be charged.

Recommended forms of competition:

SO Tour mini. SeeTennis Stockholm, read the notice board in MIK or contact your coach for info.

Business manager:Martin Tyllman

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