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Do you want help in reaching new goals with your training? Want to improve your mobility for a more relaxed tennis swing? Or maybe you have an injury that needs rehab?

MIK Tennis offers personal training according to your goals and needs. You start with a consultation and a so-called screening or movement analysis to see where you stand today and what your goals are. For us, it is important to work with the body in a natural way, and that you can cope with your natural everyday tasks without pain and problems. We can also go more specifically into your tennis movements and analyze your strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Did you know that the foot can affect your upload in a rotation?

  • Or that the back/hip has to work in 3 planes to load up the torso for a serve?


Contact our instructor Johan Widenmark  for more information.


The training room is open to all members and has the same opening hours as the hall. Here you can find cross trainers, rowing machines, bicycles, strength training machines, free weights and various exercise equipment such as pilates and medicine balls. Take the opportunity to exercise while the children play tennis or during lunch!​

  • The prices below require membership in MIK Tennis.

  • Pensioners and juniors have a SEK 100 discount on packages with consultation and PT hour.

  • Single PT hours only after package with consultation.

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