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Competition group U12 is the next step after JCG. The objective of this category is to clarify what a competitive player means and to further develop routines, strokes and physical capacity.  


Criteria/core points for selection:

- Attitude/attitude

- Learning ability/Maturity

- Collaborative skills

- Own effort /effort 

- To play at least 10 competitions per year

- Development curve 

-Follow the guidelines for players at this level


Selections are made after assessment together by the coaching team   where the weight of the core points will be decisive. Players can be selected during ongoing semesters with great flexibility. 


Work goals for players:

-To strengthen stroke and movement technique /motorik 

-To develop high intensity in match/training 

-To learn to feel safe with routines and in match situations

- To develop one's joy of playing

- To learn basic physical training

- Introduce basic tactical moves  


The club offers players:

- 3 sessions of tennis per week. For players who show great interest and commitment to training and other activities, more hours are offered to match the player's motivation.  

- To offer weekend and holiday training in some cases

- Free play on free uncoded track 

- To offer individual training in some cases 

- To offer quality training at a subsidized price

- To help with general training and competition programs

- Keeping up with match coverage at selected competitions

- To offer physical training

Expectations of players:

- To be a good role model for the club's other juniors and members

-To be representative at training/competition and wear club clothes

-Having high attendance at training. 

- To take care of your own tennis equipment

- Arriving on time for training and managing prepared warm-up programs

- To carry out the prescribed physical program and stretching after training

-To stand up for the club at events

-To represent the club within the framework of age and criteria at league matches and club matches


Expectations of parents:

- To be good ambassadors for the club

-To show up at club events

-Leaving the tennis training for the children to responsible coaches

-Participate in the club's parent training and meetings

-Private training must be approved by the responsible trainer

-Follow the club's guidelines for a "tennis parent"

-Support the club's guidelines regarding materials and training balls.



Next step:


From competitive players U12 there are three ways to go

-Competition School U14 (competition)

-Youth group  (training)

-Tennis school (training) 

Term fees

1 hour/week SEK 2650

2 hours/week SEK 4550

3 hours/week SEK 5150

4 hours/week SEK 6050

5 hours/week SEK 6,700

Please note that physical training is an integral part of the activity and counts as one hour of training per week. If you practice tennis 3 hours per week and participate in physical training, the semester fee is based on 4 hours and thus costs SEK 6,050.

Contact person:Robin Ljunggren

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