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Mälarhöjdens Idrottsklubb Tennis (MIK Tennis) is an association that was founded in 1939. The club has approximately 1,200 members of all ages. We have a wide range of activities with something to suit everyone. For the youngest, we have ball school and mini tennis where you can then take the next step to the tennis school or the competition group. We also have adult training, group games and activities such as sign-in training. We have league teams that represent MIK's colors in most divisions and age groups. We have 5 indoor courts, 3 outdoor courts, 2 changing rooms with shower and sauna as well as a shop and café.

We constantly strive to establish a club where everyone can enjoy themselves and feel welcome!


Mälarhöjdens TK's board and role in the business

The club's board consists of a chairman and six members, as well as the sports manager who is constantly adjunct. The board is elected by the annual meeting, which is held during the month of October, on the proposal of the election committee. It normally meets 6-8 times a year. 

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The board's role in the business

The board's commitment and decisions primarily apply to budget work and annual accounts, but of course also larger projects and more important personnel issues and strategic decisions.


Examples of the board's commitment:

  • Follow-up, review and execution of necessary major investments and repairs to maintain the high standard of the tennis hall.

  • Business review together with operational management, to create greater interest in tennis and enable more people to participate in the club's activities.

  • Planning of an expanded facility, discussion with the municipality regarding building permits, finding financing alternatives and procurement of various subcontractors.

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