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MIK Tennis has an active group game for members, with 144 participants playing matches in different divisions every week. We use Backhandsmash to smoothly manage the match schedule, result reporting and rescheduling of appointments.

There are two different group games:

  • The group game, open to men, women and juniors aged 15 and over

  • The women's group game, for women only

The group games are played in four rounds from August to May. We also arrange double group games as often as we can.


The price per round is SEK 865 for the group game (includes new balls for each match) and SEK 685 for the women's group game.

Participants in the group games must take a guard pass in the MIK hall's reception per semester.

You can only participate in one of the group games at a time.


If you want to start in the group stage, you are welcome to submit an expression of interest.

Questions? Contact Kurt "Kurre" Lundberg,

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